From LA Rocker to Romantic Reveler

In her past life as an indie rocker in black leather, Zoe Scott never imagined recording an album like Shades of Love.

Shades of Love is a meticulously curated collection of 12 hit songs, reimagined, by international recording artist Zoe Scott, and produced by Bossa Nova stalwart and 10-time GRAMMY and two-time Emmy-winning, Moogie Canazio.

A fully realized artist from early childhood, Zoe moved away from her family in London, for Rome, at 18. Leaving behind a loving mother and an alcoholic father for the life of an actress, songwriter, and singer. After years starring on stage and in films, the love of music drew her to Los Angeles where her name became synonymous with Rock ‘n’ Roll.  

“I remember the hard edges of it all. I loved it at first — the angst, the power, the energy, but simultaneously, I recall how boxed in I felt,” says Zoe as she settles a bit into a buttery soft chair, the Pacific Ocean as her backdrop.

“I remember the moment I felt ‘this isn’t me anymore’ and I started a journey of self-discovery and healing. With that came new artistic expressions and new ways to see, and receive love. When I first heard Antonio Carlos Jobim, I was swept away. I felt his soul through his music; through Bossa Nova and that was it. I had to make this album.”

Pressing inward, Zoe plunged heart first on a mission to find, and express the freedom, sensuality, and romance she was drawn to through Bossa Nova. Each of the 12 songs on Shades of Love is a vignette; a chapter in her life’s book, and an expression of what she calls, “feeling in.”


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